Bilice the silence of nature...

Bilice is a small settlement close to the National Park Krka on the shore of Prokljan Lake. It is only 3 km away the town of Sibenik. As there is no industry in the area, Bilice surroundings has intact nature and many natural amenities. It is an ideal place for a quiet family vacation in the silence of nature. Bilice is famous of its fishermen. The water of the lake is brackish and suitable for the spawning of many species, thus fresh sea food is basic on the menus of local restaurants, combined with eco grown vegetables.

Krka National Park

Natural haritage

The most frequently visited areas in of Krka National Park are Skradinski buk and Roški slap. Skradinski buk is one of Croatia's best known natural features, made up of travertine cascades, islands and lakes.
The waterfalls are easily accessed and attractive for all true nature lovers, those interested in national customs and all those looking to enjoy the hospitality and culture offered here.


Two UNESCO Heritage Sites

Šibenik, a gem in the Croatian Adriatic, is situated along the mouth of Krka on the most picturesque part of the eastern Adriatic coast. As the oldest Croatian autochtonous town it was first mentioned in 1066 during the reign of the Croatian King Kresimir IV.
The rich cultural and historical heritage of the city is visible in the impressive Cathedral of sv. Jakov [St. Jacob], built by the famous architect Juraj Dalmatinac and is under UNESCO protection. Numerous churches, monasteries, palaces and four fortresses 'frame' the city, and also testify to the perseverance, renunciation and faith of generations of people of Šibenik. Šibenik is a city of culture, the host to the only International Children's Festival as well as traditional events such as Dalmatian chanson Evenings.