International children’s festival

Have a really great fun
16 June 2018 Šibenik

Šibenik - "Children'sTown", as it is often called, is for more then half century the host of the only children's manifestation in the whole Croatia with the International reputation – the International Children's Festival, bringing smile to the faces of children and adults every year during the last week of June and the first one of July. It is not only, that it calls them to enjoy the performances, concerts or exhibitions of foreign or Croatian little and grown up artists, but also to give their own contribution to the Festival by joining different workshops during those 15 days of the Festival.

During the Festival one little town, what Šibenik actually is, gets completely different dimensions – it becomes a gathering place, a centre of artists, theatre groups, musicians and scientists, big and little ones, all streaming to the same goal – to play good, to relax, to have really great fun!